Things Important to Me 

Being a Mermaid!  The Ocean is my Home

Having "Day Friends" at the Beach

Watching People Grow and Feel Good About themselves

Seeing My Kids Learn from Their Mistakes and trying to figure out life

Helping Clients with their Pain Management and relief to be able to function better

Surrounding myself around positive people who accept me unconditionally no matter what

Sharing information teaching and listening to help that would better our existence

Thumbtastic -

where did It come from? Why the name?

It started as a brainstorm with my kids as part of my class project for massage school.  I needed to make up a name for the business class.  Between my daughter and my son they joked nicknaming me Mrs. Thumbs so it went from fantastic to Thumbtastic and then it stuck!  I got the license plates for my car Thumbs and we have kept it after graduating.  Felt right to have my kids be a big part of my business.

Thumbtastic of Cape Cod 105 Redlands Road, Falmouth, MA    508·360·7546

My Story- well I could write a book but don't have time right now because I finally at 50 years old have figured the key to my happiness, my purpose, the thing that makes me lift the corners of my mouth and smile at the world...."Making Others Feel Comfortable in Their Own Skin!"  

I grew up with alot of traumatic events that led to PTSD, depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia.  My family labeled me and threw me to the curb.  My whole life I have been searching for someone to love me...I have finally realized it was me!  I love me!  For a long time I didn't understand how to do that because society makes you feel guilty if you do self care.  Well sometimes it can seem vein, narcissistic, selfish but there is a balance to everything in life.  Food, sex, men, drugs, alcohol, shopping, exercise can all be forms of addiction or escape but when you begin to learn to love yourself then those things seem to balance out.  My experiences could be enough for a 100 years old woman but they have taught me such great lessons.  It has helped me to have empathy for others.  I believe I have taken so much now it is my turn to give back.  My stories of living in the woods as a teenager running away; being on disability and now turning full circle with the help of so many including people who thought they were destroying me actually brought me to a place where fear was keeping me from going.  I have many thanks and just want to continue on this journey of Wellness. Peace Love and Light

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who i am

Sandy Miranda, Owner of

Thumbtastic Wellness Center

Certified Reflexologist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Medical Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Ho'oponono Practioner

Certified Transformational Yoga Instructor

Certified Group X Instructor

Certified Aquazumba Instructor

Certified Pound Instructor

Certified Lypossage Cellulite Specialist

Certified Reiki Practioner

Certified Aesthetician

Certified SUP Yoga Instructor

​Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Certified Cycle Instructor

Bachelors in BA from Suffolk/Sawyer