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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UPTIGHT? TENSE? STRESSED? Our massage services will melt the tension and tightness from your muscles. Let us provide the release and relaxation you so richly deserve. Pamper yourself! Pamper your employees!

THUMBTASTIC of CAPE COD, located in East Falmouth, offers a wide range of therapeutic massage services designed to improve your well-being and your life. 

We also provide on-site chair massage services at your home or place of business. 


     CHAIR MASSAGE Pamper your office staff with on-site chair massage.Seated massage is perfect for the workplace. Make it an EVENT with our mobile massage services! We will send a licensed & insured chair massage therapist to your location. 
     COUPLES MASSAGE Soothing music, aroma-therapy, hot stones. Indulge yourself and

your sweetheart in a private room on side-by-side massage tables with two therapists         who work on each of you at the same time. 

     CUPPING This form of massage draws toxins from the muscles while increasing the flow of energy. Cupping brings blood to the surface of the skin, helping to release muscle tension. It also keeps the area vascular for a longer period of time, improving circulation. 

     DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Literally taking massage techniques to deeper levels (of muscles). I find areas where tension cannot be released with surface muscles, emphasizing pressure in certain areas to release the muscle and smooth it out - creating harmony in the affected area.

     OCCUPATIONAL MASSAGE A combination of massage techniques that depends on what the therapist finds is needed to assist the body in functioning properly. Techniques used may include Swedish massage; Deep Tissue massage; Sports massage; Trigger Point massage; Dermovac; Lypossage; Cupping and/or Hot Stones.  Results include Release of Muscle Tension, Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Improved Circulation.

     SPORTS MASSAGE This massage therapy is used to help relieve a sports injury and release an overused muscle or muscle group. It incorporates vigorous strokes, stretching, pinning and numerous other techniques.

     SWEDISH MASSAGE This technique uses light touch and long, slow strokes to relax the muscles, release stress, and allow the body to rejuvenate muscles.

    TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE This massage employs pressure in specific areas which creates a trigger point - releasing muscle tension and resetting the body and its functions to create an even flow of energy chi and improving circulation throughout the body.


     SEA SALT SCRUB We use organic sea salt to exfoliate the skin, replenishing moisture. The technique excites the fibroblast at the cellular level, making new collagen which creates a new dermal layer and detoxifies the body. 

     DERMOVAC We purchased our Dermovac machine in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It is a modern vacuum generator with microprocessor technology that ensures accurate suction parameters and, consequently, high treatment efficiency. This technique incorporates a suction method which breaks up cellulite tissue and flushes toxins out of the body through the lymph system, removing the bumpy look of cellulite, smoothing and tightening the surface of the skin, diminishing scars, and creating new collagen under the surface of the skin. A series of treatments are required to accomplish the results.

     LYPOSSAGE I have earned the Special Certification needed to use this massage technique to break up fatty tissue known as cellulite. It can also be used to fade scarring and dark skin lines (aka stretch marks). Lypossage flushes the toxins and fluids that create the cauliflower effect visible on surface of the skin (especially back of legs arms back and stomach), through lymph ports, to removing them from the body.  This techniques excites fibroblasts at the cellular level producing more collagen, which tightens the skin. This process requires a series of treatments that gradually diminish the appearance of cellulite. 




​   15 Minute Cupping ·  $35
   60 Minute Customized Massage ·  $85
​   90 Minute Customized Massage ·  $110

   120 Minutes Massage - $150     


​   30 Minute Sea Salt Scrub ·  $55
​   60 Minute Sea Salt Scrub ·  $85
​   60 Minute Dermovac ·  $85
​   60 Minute Lypossage ·  $85

​   Monthly Package 4 -1 hr or 8 1/2 hr ·  $240
​   Total Weight Loss Package 18 visits ·  $500

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