​​​​​​THUMBTASTIC adds the "personal" to Personal Training. Our trainers focus on you, as an individual. Our personal trainer, Sandra Miranda, will design a program based on your goals and current capabilities. As your capabilities improve your personal training program will change to challenge you to growth.You will never feel like just a number. Our personal training programs encompass the needs of the whole you: Health, Body and Mind.

MIND: We believe that an essential aspect of reaching any goal is a healthy mind. Therefore, we offer a 45-minute massage once a week to relax the body and sooth the mind. Relieving stress and aches makes success that much closer.

We offer a variety of programs, catered to your needs. You are an individual, and we understand that. Get Started on Your Way to Whole You. Make an Appointment Today. Call Sandy at (508) 360-7546.

60 Minute Personal Training Session ·  $50.00

Summer Challenge Package ·  $500.00
This package includes

    • A customized plan of suggested foods will be texted or emailed 

       to you daily, helping to keep you accountable.
    • 1 hour of personal training each week for 4 weeks
    • 1 - 45 min of massage each week for 4 weeks
    • 1 - 30 min of cellulite treatment each week for 4 weeks
    • Weekly weigh ins and assessment measurements

    • Before and after photos

HEALTH: Your trainer will develop a meal plan, customized for your needs. Every day,

a reminder of suggested options will be texted or emailed to you directly. You will have open communication with your trainer to keep you on track and accountable. As a team, you and your personal trainer will look for ways to lose weight by changing your lifestyle, rather than merely “dieting”. Diets are fleeting and our goal is for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, long after your sessions.
BODY: You will receive a one-hour, one on one, session with your trainer each week. During your session, you will receive personal training, as well as a schedule of exercises for you to utilize for the rest of the week. Your trainer will focus on problems areas, as well as increasing your cardio and strength. Weekly weigh-ins, measurements and assessments will assist in helping you achieve your goals. We will provide before and after photos to show the amazing progress. A once a week, 30-minute Cellulite treatment is included in your program. In addition to losing inches, it will detoxify and relax you,


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