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What's New in October


***New Class***

Circuit Training 

Circuit training is perfect for beginners. Interval training using light weight and body weight exercises at timed intervals with short breaks in between. 

Mondays at 10AM

*Returning Class*

Pound Fitness

Pound Fitness is designed around the three pillars: mind, body, and inner rockstar. These work together to promote a happy, healthy self. The music percussion and rapid beats have been linked to increased focus, higher level thinking, by altering brain blood flow and brainwave frequencies.

Thursdays at 6PM


*Returning Class*


JUMP is a trampoline class! Trampoline exercises are a convenient and enjoyable way to boost your cardiovascular health, improve endurance, and relieve stress and tension. It can help you develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills.

Tuesdays at 6PM               Thumbtastic Studio

Big Title


Yoga on the Beach

Yoga on the Beach will continue until we are unable to bear it any longer. Afterwards it will move back to the studio. We will keep you updated as we go on!

New Availability!

Thumbtastic is pleased to announce the addition of more appointments available nights and weekends. Continue to check on the website for all availability.

New Service*Paraffin Add on

Add on to any massage a Paraffin hand or feet treatment. Paraffin is great for restoring moisture in the skin, relieves arthritis pain, and diminishes wrinkles. Only $5 to add on to your service.

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