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Our Thumbtastic professionals offer you the gentlest of care and attention to detail for all of your waxing needs. We use only the finest products and our technicians are highly skilled to adeptly wax every facet from the most sensitive skin to the coarsest of hair.

Waxing is an ideal option to shaving, plucking and other hair removal treatments. Warm wax is applied to the skin. Strips are applied to the wax and then allowed to cool. Once the optimal temperature is obtained, the strips are quickly pulled from the skin in a swift motion. This results in the entire hair, including the follicles, to be pulled from the skin. The benefit is the skin is smooth and hairless for weeks, rather than days. We offer a variety of waxing treatments at Thumbtastic.

Body Wax: Shaving, chemical-based depilatories, and at-home waxing treatments are time-consuming, irritating to the skin and often not effective. A professional waxing leaves your skin smooth and hairless for weeks, with barely any side effects. We perform waxing on all areas of the body. Our body waxing specialties include: Bikini, Brazilian, Under Arms, Legs, Arms, Fingers and Toes. Waxing can be somewhat momentarily uncomfortable but we use massage and gentle application and removal to make it as pleasant as possible.

Waxing for Men: Waxing is ideal for the man’s body. Men tend to have more hair than women and shaving can result in troublesome stubble and ingrown hairs. Waxing will result in smooth, hairless skin for weeks. Troublesome areas are waxed efficiently to minimize any discomfort. Our services for men include: Back, Neck, Chest and Stomach waxing.

Face Waxing: Sit back and relax as our technicians take care of your facial hair needs. Bleaching and plucking address some issues but once you have a professional face waxing; you will notice a significant improvement in appearance. The procedure is a time saver and last longer. We specialize in Brow Sculpting, Chin and Lip hair removal.