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Sandy began her fitness journey 22 years ago working at different gyms while pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Suffolk University. 


She then went through changes in life, got married, have children and from a tax accountant to being disabled in bed and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after having a third child.


The fibromyalgia woke her up and Sandy decided to reconcile with her passion for alternative and natural healing medicines and treatments. Not only she lost 89lbs. along the way, but Sandy found therapeutic ways to tolerate pain and became comfortable in her own skin.

Sandy started working out of her house and began teaching fitness classes at the beach, pool and several fitness centers. After many years of working and honing her skills, Sandy decided that it was time to bring all of her skills together and launched a one-stop center that offers massage, reflexology, facials, cellulite treatment, yoga, essential oils, Zumba, Pound, Cardio Drum, Drum Circle, Aquazumba, Yoga on the Beach, Kids Yoga, weight class and personal training. 


She practices what she preaches. Everything she teaches or offers at Thumbtastic Wellness Center were the things she practiced in discovering her better self.

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Olivia was only 6 years old when she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit and her creativity in turning her ideas into reality. Her parents saw that, they decided to help encourage her nurture these skills.

Olivia attended an all-natural deodorant making course in 2019. For most kids, they would have stopped or at least continued making them as a hobby but for Olivia, it was an opportunity for a business. She knew it was a good idea to keep the production going and had the courage to execute on it.

You can find Olivia's all-natural homemade deodorant at Thumbtastic Spa or you can also order them from our online shop!

As a small business, Thumbtastic was hit really hard when the pandemic happened earlier in 2020 and Massachussets went through a temporary lockdown. And Sandy (Olivia's mum), wouldn't have survived without Olivia's help.

They worked together as a team selling t-shirts, gift certificates but most significantly would be Olivia setting up sturdy online classes via Zoom for Sandy to continue her group fitness classes which really helped them raise donations to sustain the business.

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