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Wellness Stories

Stories of our clients who transformed their lives; how they achieved weight goals and strength gains through healthy choices and change of habits. Be inspired to start the journey to a greater you with us. Our team can help you put together a program based on your personal goals.

"I am so lucky to have discovered Thumbtastic - a wonderful place in Falmouth where I can get help to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. I get regular full body massages to help relieve my pain.  


I also took part in an array of fitness classes from Pound sticks to Tai Chi to help keep my body and mind alert.  I am much better and centered in dealing with daily stress and emotional trauma than ever before."

Pamela photo.jpg

"I am so grateful to Sandy, because I not only realize her exercise classes gave me something to look forward to during the days of the pandemic,but they have also improved my health tremendously during this stay-at-home period!"


A friend recommended Sandy and Thumbtastic and that I should consider taking the children to her fun, interactive classes. I took a class with my foster son and we had a great time!

Since then, I have been taking classes along with my foster children of all ages, some even in strollers. The classes have always been so fun, the kids would just put their phones down and join in. 

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