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A 13-week Journey to Better Health

Pamela Thompson

Having exercised with Sandy from Thumbstastic Spa via Zoom sessions over the last 13 weeks of the pandemic, have been worth its weight in gold to me!

Sandy’s Zoom virtual exercise classes gave structure to my day (she offered a variety of classes 3 times a day: 10:30a.m., 1:30p.m., & 4:30p.m.) and helped me continue my journey of wellness, along with introducing me to many new people who I now call friends through her Zoom exercise classes.

I am so grateful to Sandy, because I not only realize her exercise classes gave me something to look forward to during the days of the pandemic,but they have also improved my health tremendously during this stay-at-home period!

I, having had several life-threatening health issues recently , realized having a structured exercise regime truly improved my health. My newfound habits have also improved my strength, and improved my flexibility. I can now open my own water bottles,  ha ha!!

My doctor was impressed with the results of my recent health tests. I will always be grateful to Sandy for her generosity during this time for offering exercise classes by Zoom for free, accepting only donations during this 13 week period.


Her expertise in the  areas of exercise, massage therapies and many other wellness modalities are too numerous to mention.

A big Thank you  Sandy!

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