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Our personal training programs are tailored to your specific goals and desires. And as you progress so does our programs.

​​Feeling stressed out? Tension high? Have Sandy erase the stress and tension with an incredible massage. 


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Our Zumba classes are an awesome way to sweat out the tension, pressures, and stress of everyday life.

​​​THUMBTASTIC OF CAPE COD is located in East Falmouth, and offers massage, reflexology, and other services designed to improve your well-being and enrich your life. Feeling uptight, tense, and/or stressed out? Let us provide the release and relaxation you so deserve.

Massage services: 

Pamper yourself! My massage services will melt the tension and tightness from your muscles. Let me provide the release and relaxation you so richly deserve. I offer mobile massage services to your place of business. Pamper your employees! I am also offering massage at the Inn Seasons Resort (Surfside, Harborwalk and Captain's Quarters for time share owners in their rooms by appointment only.


Before you receive your massage you can have a facial too! I provide a number of types of facials, each targeting specific issues. These include BASIC, PEELS, PARAFFIN, TEEN, SEAWEED, and MUD MASKI will gladly discuss the differences and determine which would be best for your skin. After a few treatments your complexion will be amazing! 

Personal Trainer:

Sandy Miranda, Certified personal trainer from W.I.T.S,.  will devise a personal training program to accomplish your goals and then motivate and drive you to success!


Sandy Miranda is a certified reflexologist certified for reflexology techniques for feet, hands and ears.

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Flushes your lymph system, smooths the effects of cellulite, and tightens the overlying skin. 

Thumbtastic of Cape Cod 105 Redlands Rd, Falmouth, MA    508·360·7546


contact Sandy at​​​​​​(508)360-7546

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Aqua Zumba at Falmouth Inn

Wednesdays and Fridays night 6-7 pm

November 7, 2018- Novmeber 30, 2018

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